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With so many logos now being 4 colour process, or containing graduations, the brief explanation below, may prove of some help.

When designing a logo, it is wise to consider just how impact to your ongoing print costs and if it will be difficult to use on certain items.

Print methodology is advancing all the time. Truly wonderful to see what can be achieved today, compared with when we started our business in 1994. Graduations were a no go onto other items, apart from paper. Screen printing was the main print method, but just solid colours. UV printing has made such a difference, but…

Remember, pantone colours can rarely be achievied exactly and although it can be very close, and the method is still advancing, this can sometimes cause issues with Brand Guidelines. Red seems to be a particular challenge for UV printers.

This isn’t a negative post, just something to be aware of. Designers are used to do just that, design your logo and how successful they are. They may, sometines, not give too much thought to the ongoing cost to the client, to stay within Brand Guidelines. Hence wise to have these thoughts in your mind and stay in control during the design stage.

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