6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brand Awareness

Here are 6 easy ways to boost your brand and get noticed!

  • Social media – Social media can drive awareness and engage your audience. According to Hootsuite, smart brands are focusing less on maximizing reach and more on generating transparent, quality engagement. Choose your platforms as to what works for your business – being on all of them is not entirely necessary, focus on the ones where your audience hangs out most and where you can create useful, valuable content. Relevant competitions or contests can also work well for brand awareness as you can get people voting and sharing.
  • Referrals – Referrals are a great way to reward your current customers, while also getting them to share and recommend your brand to new ones. Word of mouth is a powerful way of motivating purchase behaviour and getting your existing clients talking about your brand is a cost effective strategy.
  • Hold an event – A well organised event can be a great brand builder whatever type of business you’re in. Trying to engage clients or prospects? Why not try an open day based around a new product or promotion, or hold a seminar/webinar where you can share industry ideas and promote your expertise. A company BBQ or Christmas party is also great for boosting employees morale – happy staff means great brand advocates!
  • Promote yourself with content – Creating shareworthy, beneficial content is a great way to get free brand awareness. You can start your own blog and publish it across the web and on social media, you could also turn your blog into videos or a podcast. If you can get your content featured in the press, this is like getting free advertising – get in touch with your local journalist and see what kind of stories they are looking for.
  • Partner up – Linking up with charities or sponsoring an event or product is another proven way to reach a target audience. Sponsoring an event can get your company name visible to a large audience and work towards building your brand strategy.
  • Invest in promotional merchandise – Small corporate gifts or free giveaways are a greatBoost your brand with promotional products way to thank your customers for their business and drive brand loyalty and generate sales. Promotional merchandise is a cost-effective investment and is proven to be more effective at recall than the internet, newspaper, or even radio advertising. Lots of companies give away freebies when their customers hit certain milestones (i.e. spend x amount of money per month/year).

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