Branded Tape Measures

Our branded tape measures are ideal for companies in the construction, engineering or DIY sectors. Market your business effectively with our entire range of professional tapes printed with your logo, ensuring your brand is seen every time it is used. Branded tape measures are also a unique and useful gift to use as an event giveaway or as an in-store promotional gifts .

Construction companies and DIY brands can enhance their business brand  successfully with our entire range of branded tools – right down to using promotional tape measures. When your name is printed on our logo tools, your brand will be seen every time your employees are hard at work. Printed tape measures are also great for event giveaways, because customers can take your business home with them and be grateful for your brand every time they do some DIY. Our entire collection of inexpensive corporate tools features branded tape measures in lots of different colours, but we don’t just supply the traditional style. We also stock multi-functional promotional products including spirit level tape measures, bottle opener tape measures and laser tape measures, so you can get practical DIY products that will be used again and again, continuously raising brand awareness.

Custom Promotional Tape Measures

All of our branded tape measures are professional quality and suitable for a skilled working environment or alternatively just to keep around the house. We have a range of colours, styles and multi-functional printed tape measures to choose from, all of which can be printed with your logo or message for raising brand awareness.

Having a selection of promotional tape measures on hand is an ideal scenario to make you always ready in impressing your architectural leads into customers. Useful as a gift for enticing clients for your power tools sales promotion, measuring tapes can also be handed out to your construction employees as a reward for a job well done.

Do Your Promotional Merchandise Truly Measures Up

For a branded giveaway option you might not have considered before, look no further than highly practical promotional tape measures and branded tools. Simple yet essential, they’re both great for getting your branding on to. If you run a building or DIY business, it makes for a clever way to allow your corporate identity to shine through every time you or your colleagues are measuring up and giving quotes to customers; equally, if you plan to hand them out to customers, it serves as an excellent reminder of your business every time they reach to use them.