Using branded promotional products in direct mail campaigns

Using branded promotional products in direct mail campaigns

Direct mail is still a valuable and effective tool for marketers. It’s a chance to be creative and personal in a way that’s not always possible with digital channels, such as sending loyalty rewards or gifts. According to Royal Mail research, mail can help drive people online with a massive 86% of people connecting with businesses as a direct response to receiving an item of direct mail.

There are lots of different business promotional products that can be easily incorporated into a direct mail campaign or door drop. Getting your message across in a creative way is key. Using a custom promotional product can help you stand out, while also giving a better chance of your mail being kept and reminded of you every time it is used.

First things first, you need to plan your campaign objectives. What do you want to achieve? Get customers to visit your website and buy/make an enquiry? Get a responses for an invitation to an event or tradeshow? Get people to sign up for membership or a newsletter?

Next thing to consider is who are you trying to target? Try to identify specific customer types and use this to target your mailing. Make them an irresistible offer. What are you offering and why should your audience care? It should be targeted, personal and attractive enough for a response such as offering a discount, entering a competition or signing up for loyalty membership for example.

Choosing a promotional product for your message

A free gift or branded promotional product can be a creative way to generate interest and excitement to your mailing. Have a great design and choose the right product, ideally linking the item directly with your business or the theme of your campaign. There are hundreds of products to choose from, but here are some of the most effective:

  1. Branded Calendars

Still one of the most popular and useful personalised promotional products out there. Useful, attractive and long-lasting, calendars can be used everywhere, from the home to the office and are used for 12 months offering great exposure for your company. Add your own pre-printed reminders for your customers such as event dates, reminders for service/MOT, or renewals for home or car insurance etc)

  1. Promotional Ice Scrapers

Another classic, useful product that is easily mailed and comes in a range of different colours and styles. Will be used over and over again and is an extremely cost-effective product to advertise your brand.

Add contact details for car breakdown cover, or simply add your company name, logo and message which will be seen all winter long.

  1. Eco-Friendly Merchandise – Plantable Pencils

For a unique and sustainable product idea, these pencils can be used for standard writing/drawing/doodling. When it is too short to use anymore, plant it to grow flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Perfect for product launches, exhibitions or any campaign with a sustainable or recyclable message.

  1. Printed Puzzles

Add a fun and entertaining element to your promotional product mailing. Puzzle trays or magnetic puzzles can capture interest and are ideal to get people to take action. Get them to solve the puzzle to get a special discount, or display a personalised message.

Perfect for competitions ‘Solve and win a prize’, events and exhibitions, education or corporate training providers and recruitment.


  1. Personalised Video Cards

This one is a little more bespoke but is an innovative and eye-catching way to get in front of your audience. It allows you to add visual content to turn an ordinary message into a marketing experience your audience can see and hear – essentially bringing your brand to life.

Great for company overview videos, a personal recorded message, a training video, a slideshow, or to launch a new product.

You could also go bespoke and create something completely unique to you and your brand. For some inspiration, check out these 12 brilliant examples of direct mail marketing.

There are hundreds of options to choose from.  Call us today for advice and ideas on how to incorporate promotional merchandise into your next direct mail campaign. View our product catalogue now for inspiration!