Frequently Asked Questions

How will you personalise my selected products with my logo?

You will need to supply us with your artwork. This may be supplied to us by e-mail as a vector-based image (saved as curves / outlines) (Supplied as .eps / .pdf). This is usually produced in Adobe Illustrator. Full colour images can be supplied as a high resolution PhotoShop file at least 300 dpi (Supplied as .jpg) and at the required print size or larger.

What is suitable artwork?

Suitable artwork is essential in order to supply your selected goods with a neat and clearly defined print. We can advise on the technical production of artwork or even produce it for you if you do not have any of the files listed above.

How will you match the print colour to my logo colour?

You will need to supply us with your colour references. (If you do not have this, then please contact our sales team and they can advise) Every colour has a Pantone Matching System (PMS) reference number. This is a system used throughout the industry to ensure any printer can match colours specified by any designer.

Where will I find my artwork and PMS references?

The designer who originally created your logo or the printers who print your company stationery will probably have the artwork and PMS references.

How can I be sure that my artwork will be printed as I expect it to look and at an appropriate size for the product it is intended for?

You will be sent an artwork proof / visual, showing your artwork in place on the product.

What are Origination charges?

It is a general term referring to the makeup of the screens, dies, templates or jacquards used in the process of applying personalisation details to a product.

Can we see actual samples of the products before we buy them?

Yes you can. We always advise clients to have a sample to ensure the product is fit for the purpose. The majority of our samples are non-chargeable however more expensive items are charged for.

Can we talk to you directly, right now?

Yes you can. Please call us on 01452310030. We are open from 7.30am until 5.00pm.