Drinkware & Mugs

Promotional Mugs

Promotional mugs are a great way to represent your brand at exhibitions and trade events. They also a great everyday accessory for your everyone as what workplace has to many mug? Personalised printed mugs can give you work place that corporate, professional look which will give the right impression to visitors or clients . We offer a wide selection of printed mugs including ceramic , china and branded thermal mugs or if your looking for a mug to use on the run our range of promotional thermal bottles are for you .

Something Different

For something a little bit different to the normal bland business mugs we offer a range of coffee mug sets . Printed Ceramic coffee mugs or mug and spoon sets; these all make perfect business gifts. Quirky ideas such as chalk mugs are ideal for interacting with your target audience at trade shows or other events, whilst heat reveal mugs have a special heat-activated coating, so your company logo will appear before the user’s eyes as they make their tea or coffee! Or why not go for printed photo mugs which can be branded full colour all over with your logo or even a photo ? Our friendly, professional team will be happy to help you choose the right images and style for your mugs, and we have a dedicated art department who specialises in all things creative.

Branded Plastic Sports Bottles

With over 80 different designs to choose from, there will be one that suits your project. Bright vibrant colours for Gyms and Dance Classes and cool white to take your School Badge or Club colours. Choose with or without finger grips, and in all manner of sizes. There are Protein Shakers and bottles with carabiners to attach to belt loops or sports bags so they don’t get lost.

Branded Metal Sports Bottles

Reusable alternatives to plastic are a growing topic and is hitting the headlines more everyday, so providing reusable promotional metal bottles for water or hot drinks could position your business as eco-friendly and actively helping to reduce plastic waste. A great opportunity for some positive PR for your company.

Branded metal water bottles are increasingly becoming a fashion statement too, with many cool and trendy brands popping up and joining forces with designer brands to extend their appeal. At JSM Brand Exposure , we have a number of promotional metal water bottles with great appeal; like the pantone match thermal bottle which is a perfect product for everyday use while also making sure you company stays on brand . Add your printed or etched company logo for a style statement which is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle or a daily commute. And you don’t just need to take our word for it, it’s also one of our best sellers in this metal bottles category, meaning they are tried and tested customer favourites!

Branded Water Bottles

Personalised water bottles for corporate use are a cost-effective and also very practical promotional giveaways perfect for everyday use by clients . In the UK we are all being encouraged to drink more water to improve our health and wellness and it’s something many businesses are taking seriously, not only to help staff improve hydration levels but also to help cut down on single-use plastic. Branded water bottles give the perfect message to staff, customers and even at trade shows , as your company is demonstrating its commitment to reducing plastic waste and improving wellness .