Eco Friendly

Eco friendly promotional items are products that are designed so they are not harmful to the environment, whether through their use or through their manufacture. With a shift in public attitude towards throwaway single use plastics, sustainable promotional products are a great choice for your customers who have environmental issues as a priority.

A global promo survey highlighted that 51% of UK consumers have a more favourable opinion of a company if they receive eco promotional gifts that are environmentally friendly. So if you have been thinking about using eco promo products then now is a great time to give them a try!

So what makes it eco-friendly? Descriptions such as biodegradable, reusable, compostable or fair trade, recyclable or made from recycled materials, all fall into the eco-friendly promotional merchandise category. Our products made from recycled materials are helping to reduce waste, by reusing existing materials and making them into something else instead of throwing it away.

We have lots of different types of eco-friendly promotional giveaways to choose from including reusable travel mugs and water bottles, reusable shopping bags to biodegradable pens. Products, such as the Bamber Desk Set is made from recycled paper and the PP Non-Woven Shopper Bags are 100% recyclable so once it is finished with, it can be melted down and made into something else! All can be branded with your logo or message.

Looking for something a bit more bespoke? We work with several manufacturers to create bespoke eco-friendly promotional gifts so if you have a specific idea in mind, get in touch with your design ideas and we can turn these into reality for you.

Why should you choose eco promotional products?

A lot of companies are, or are starting to, look at ways in which they can do business in a more eco-friendly way whether that’s buying from sustainable sources or reducing their plastic waste. With more customers demanding environmentally-friendly products, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of this eco-association. Although Eco-friendly products look much more expensive, long-term they are more cost effective as they are designed to last and as a result will be used for much longer. Promotional products are still one of the most cost effective advertising methods compared to other mediums. When they are used in the right way, they can grow your sales, increase your customer loyalty and boost your brand awareness!

Why choose JSM for your eco-friendly promotional products?

Eco friendly ideas are in the top five buying themes this year and so we are constantly looking at ways of offering more eco-friendly products that will have as little impact on the environment as possible and help you go more ‘green’. We can source whatever you require, so if the product you are interested in is not listed here, please get in touch and we can work with you to find exactly what you need.

Our eco promotional items are sourced from sustainable, recyclable, compostable manufacturers to the highest degree possible.