Even in a digital age, custom printed notebooks are still a popular choice when it comes to promotional merchandise. Whether it’s writing notes at work or school, or creating simple to do lists or tasks, putting pen to paper in your own notebook provides a unique satisfaction that typing on a keyboard just can’t match. It is suggested that we even retain information better from paper which can help increase productivity and keep you more focused!

Why use them?

Company branded notebooks printed or embossed with a logo are still incredibly effective in boosting your brand exposure and ultimately increasing sales. Having a notebook to hand makes it easier to jot down notes, creative ideas or to use as planners. With a universal appeal you can use them for all kinds of marketing campaigns or brand awareness, and because it’s so useful and practical, recipients use the item on a weekly or daily basis.

Promotional notebooks provide you with a long-lasting and memorable way of communicating with your customers. High quality and brand appeal are just two of the reasons that make them a bestselling product of all corporate business gifts. Voted the number one promotional product for return on investment, custom notebooks are a cost-effective investment and a unique way of standing out.

What we offer

You can choose budget, premium or luxury for your custom promotional notebooks. Available from A6 to A4 size, choose from a huge variety of different colours and styles, and we have various branding options so you can have your personalised notebooks just the way you want them. Our A5 Albany Collection Notebook is our most popular product, offering great quality at an unbeatable price. The iconic Moleskine notebooks are also a popular option at the top end of the market.

Available in a whole host of different styles, colours and sizes you can find a corporate branded notebook to suit your own character and image. You can also add extras to make your notebook really standout such as advertising wraps (belly bands), additional pages inside with your own company information and custom packaging, envelopes or gift boxes. Notebooks with pens are also a popular choice and we can put these together if required. If we don’t have a standard colour to suit you, why not make your own bespoke notebook? These are completely custom branded notebooks where you can choose your own colour cover, have a colour matched elastic closure strap and pen loop and choose white, cream, lined or plain paper inside. You can even add your own logo or message on each page.

Why choose us?

We are the No 1 supplier of notepad promotional products and printed notebooks for companies in the UK. We are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands for their notebook printing so you can rely on us as your corporate notebook printing partner. We can supply you with ideas, digital mock-ups (so you can see what your notebook will look like), along with free samples and free quotes.