Power Banks

Branded power banks are a popular choice for promotional gifts. In a world where we still can’t switch off completely, keeping all of our gadgets charged on the go is essential to keep us connected. Simply charging the branded power bank in advance means you can charge your phone and other devices when they need a boost.

Printed power banks are functional and cost-effective devices and studies show that 87% of consumers would keep a promotional power bank because it is so useful. The average lifespan of power banks generate over 1,000 impressions, keeping your brand name in front of your audience for a long time.

Available in a range of capacities, styles and colours these branded power banks are suitable for any kind of audience including working professionals, students, and travellers and are a great way to stand out at an exhibition or trade show if you want to give out incentives.

What are the options for Printed Power Banks?

We have a wide range of styles that can be branded with your corporate logo. The latest and most innovate branded power bank is the RFID card holder power banks which opens like a wallet so you can also store your bank cards inside to keep them safe from skimming using RFID technology. Also the all new light up promotional power bank gives your logo or message a real wow factor.

Please note that unless stated our branded power banks do not come with the cable to connect to your devices. Please contact us if you are not sure.