What are the best trade show giveaways ?

Making sure that your printed giveaway items are reflective of your brand, branded with your logo, useful, and cost-effective are four major points you should be considering when looking into giving away promotional merchandise at a trade show . The first impressions are always the most important and by making sure that your promotional items are connected to your trade stand and your products can make you stand out and last long in the memory. Today we want to explain a few of the best items we think you can give away at your next trade show to boost exposure and ideally lead to a generous return on investment.


Tote Bags

If you’re looking to be environmentally friendly, you can go one step further and get some low-cost cotton tote bags . Tote bags are incredibly useful at trade shows because a significant amount of flyers, brochures, and smaller items will be handed out at trade shows and not everyone carries a large enough handbag/a handbag at all! So by branding your logo all over tote bags and giving them out, you’ll not only provide a thankful use to your potential customers, but you’ll also have maximum brand exposure as the bag is carried around the trade show. Further, tote bags are great to use after the exhibition, for instance as eco-friendly shopping bags, for gym clothes or to take to the beach. Tote bags also offer a really large space for branding so your logo can be very eye catching.


Power Banks & USB Chargers

These are a best seller. Constant communication seems necessary in our technology-driven world, so give your potential customers the gift of charge – they are portable, and easy to use during the show. They’re also useful for almost all attendees of the show, so you can generate a lot of traffic to your booth by giving them away. You can get them in a variety of colours and make sure your logo is branded over it.



Arguably the most popular trade show giveaway item, t shirts are not only great for use in the sporting work or for lounge wear after the show, they can also be worn immediately providing both instant and long-lasting value. By having promotional t-shirts, you can be sure that your booth will be very popular!


Will you be exhibiting at a trade show soon? Check out some of the promotional products on our website – we are sure there will be something to suit your brand!