Five creative packaging design ideas for your promotional products

Do you notice the packaging when you receive a delivery? Can you instantly recognise who it’s come from without opening it?

Research* suggests unsuitable packaging, even if there is no damage, affects the customers’ opinion of the sender and possibly whether they would buy from them in the future. So when you’ve got your quality products ready, how to you present it in a way that grabs attention and makes the right first impression?

It’s a fact that consumers notice creative packaging. There are plenty of packaging options when it comes to your promotional merchandise, from individual mug boxes, gift boxes for multiple items, pen tubes, metal gift containers for USBs… name it, we can source it.

But when it comes to making your package stand out, here are five quick creative and unique packaging examples from Canva that can help make your packaging appeal to the masses.


1. Using all available space










Using all available space – including printing on the inside to give this package an expensive feel.

2. Be innovative

creative packaging ideas

This container is made of beeswax and with a wick on the bottom, you then burn down the package, making it completely waste free.

3. Be creative

creative packaging ideas for beauty products

This soap (made with milk) package was turned into an ice cream treat, related directly to the milk contained inside.

4. Consider the inside layout


If you have multiple products, display them separately with cut outs for each piece so they all fit neatly inside.

5. Keep it simple


Packaging costs money so if you don’t need a box, don’t use it. Using a paper wrap is simple but still effective.

© Canva

Read the full post from Canva here for more ideas: 50 insanely creative and stunning packaging designs

There is a huge opportunity to develop this part of the customer experience. Could your packaging be working much harder? If you’d like to find out more about our standard or bespoke packaging options contact us for ideas or call us on 01452 310030.

*IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review