Is company promotional merchandise still relevant after Covid 19

Is company promotional merchandise still relevant after Covid 19?

In the current climate where working from home has changed the business dynamic and almost every marketing team in the country seems to be focusing on digital, it’s easy to forget about the power of company promotional merchandise and, indeed, why they are still incredibly relevant. But how – and why – do they work so well for businesses of all shapes and sizes? And are they still a good investment in tough times?

Why use merchandise?

Any business can benefit from using company promotional merchandise. While one purpose is to get people’s attention and create brand awareness, merchandise can also have a positive effect on sales when used in conjunction with a giveaway, a loyalty gift, a retail on-pack promotion, a subscription gift or as a competition prize….the possibilities are endless!

People are less likely to throw away a pen, mug or t-shirt than they are a generic flyer. Get your company promotional merchandise right, and your brand could end up being in your ideal customers line of sight for months or years to come.

Industry stats

According to studies by the British Promotional Merchandise Association – also known as the BPMA – promotional items can have a huge impact on your sales. The study found that 79 percent of people who receive merchandise from a company are likely to buy something from them at a later date. Those are some very juicy stats, and for any business struggling to get email responses of over 5-6 percent, it’s worth thinking about!

When budgets are tight

Many businesses will be cutting expenses and budgets during the pandemic, but marketing and generating sales is still hugely important. Merchandise is unique in that it offers a vast range of products to fit in with any budget, and compared to other marketing channels, it is excellent value for money and will make a lasting impact. Get the most out of your products by trying to stick to items that fit with your brand and target audience and looking at the quantity – the more you can afford to buy, the better the price.

Finding opportunities

While events have been cancelled and face-to-face meetings are being discouraged, there has been a surge in demand for useful merchandise that can be mailed directly to employees and customers at home. For example, think branded kits with office essentials or technology products to help make working from home easier. Or gym kits for those who are making the most of working out at home. Or just a pick me up like a sweet or chocolate gift is a great way to generate a positive emotion.

Getting it right

So, the benefits of company promotional merchandise are pretty clear – now it’s just a question of getting it right. JSM can help with creative ways of promoting your business and services. Whether it’s simply promoting safety with face masks, creating and delivering direct mail items to send directly to your customers, or setting up a corporate merchandise store so that users can buy merchandise directly online, we have lots of ideas and can offer friendly, helpful advice to get the best out of your marketing.

Get in touch today and we can give you free advice and maybe even throw in some free samples as well!