What is plantable seed paper

What is plantable seed paper?

Plantable seed paper is a relatively new product in the promotional merchandise industry, but one that has really struck a chord in terms of sustainability. As the focus on reducing waste and minimising plastic use grows, using eco-friendly merchandise has become an important focus.

So what is plantable seed paper? It is exactly how it is described – biodegradable, recycled paper which is embedded with seeds. The paper is made with cotton fibre waste using a traditional manufacturing process. The pulp is poured into the traditional sieves, the selected seeds are added and the mixture distributed evenly. To ensure that the seeds germinate well, the paper sheets are subjected to rapid drying and finally cold pressing. Because the seed paper has different densities, the paper sheets can vary slightly in weight.

When the seed paper is planted in soil it will grow into plants– a completely 100% eco-friendly promotional product that leaves no waste behind!

Ideas for plantable seed paperSeed paper printing

The seed paper can be printed with your design or message and can also be cut into practically any kind of different shape to suit your campaign. This is the perfect opportunity to communicate with an original and sustainable medium that will really catch people’s attention. Think products like seed paper wristbands, seed paper coasters, seed paper flyers and greeting cards, seed paper business cards and much more.

Our standard plantable seed paper is embedded with wildflowers (great for bees and insects!) but you can request custom seeds from a selection of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Planting the seed paper

The seed paper is planted easily! Place under a relatively thin layer of soil (not too compacted) and keep the paper moist. In a sunny spot, depending on the season the seeds should start to germinate within 7-10 days.

How to plant seed paperSo if you’re looking for a sustainable promotional product then plantable seed paper is a great choice. Get in touch for pricing and ideas for your next project. View our whole range of seed products here

As part of our Legacy Sustainability Scheme we’re also planting trees when you place and order with us: find out more https://www.jsmbrandex.com/legacy-sustainability-scheme/