Case Study – Poppulo

In the realm of cutting-edge business systems, Poppulo stands as a vanguard, poised to usher in the next era of workplace technology and communication. Their mission is nothing short of creating seamless harmony for both workplaces and their valued clientele. To showcase this dedication, Poppulo teamed up with JSM to curate a pack of delightful surprises. The star attractions? A striking holographic laptop sticker, a notebook featuring an elegant debossed logo, and a pair of custom Poppulo-branded socks, promising warmth and style to all.

But here’s where it gets exciting – the pack options weren’t just any options. They comprised three exceptional brand items that exude quality. Picture a North Face full zip hoodie, meticulously embroidered with the Poppulo logo on the right chest. Alternatively, a Camelbak Chute Insulated Bottle, where the Poppulo brand name runs vertically, creating a stunning visual effect. Or perhaps, the North Face Vault laptop backpack, as a statement of style and utility.

Once the choices were made, the orders were placed, and the deliveries arrived right on time.