Revolut (or Rloveut)

Revolut, the global neo-bank and fintech pioneer, is all about redefining banking services with a holistic “one app for all things money” approach. With the ability to trade in 36 different currencies, they’ve revolutionized how individuals and businesses manage their finances. In a bid to celebrate diversity and stay true to their eco-friendly ethos, Revolut reached out to JSM for merchandise support during Pride Week 2023.

The starting point was a captivating twist on their logo – from “Revolut” to “Rloveut,” with the letters of “love” in a spectrum of vibrant colours. This innovation served as the creative bedrock for what was to come.

The result? A carefully curated assortment of merchandise that encapsulates both Revolut’s commitment to sustainability and celebration of their diversity. From a chic black cotton shopper bag to an organic white cotton t-shirt, each item was adorned with the new logo in full colour. The ensemble also featured an enamel, die-stamped badge, a laptop sticker, bespoke branded socks, and the eco-conscious Prodir DS8 pen, all proudly branded with the reimagined logo.