Case Study – Rockwool

With an 80-year history of re-engineering rock, ROCKWOOL has cemented its position as a pioneering leader in stone wool insulation. Their products have consistently delivered outstanding performance in thermal, acoustic, and fire-resistant applications. Now, the spotlight turns to their latest masterpiece, NyRock® – their most thermally efficient insulation yet. The challenge? How to bring this rock-based innovation, including the captivating lava rock, to 2,500 individuals across the UK.

It all begins with a touch of sophistication – premium notebooks adorned with bespoke stone paper pages, and an elegantly debossed front cover. Next up, the Prodir QS01 pens, crafted from mineral-reinforced plastic in the signature ROCKWOOL red, with intricate branding on the clip. A delightful surprise awaits in the form of exquisite Belgian chocolates, wrapped in the ROCKWOOL emblem. The star of the show is the Lava Stone wireless charging pad, gloss-printed with the iconic ROCKWOOL arrow.

The perfect final product: A bespoke printed box housing a sample of the ground-breaking NyRock® insulation. This whole experience is beautifully enclosed within a custom, full-colour printed box. The result is a seamless blend of brand reinforcement and the spectacular launch of a game-changing product, perfectly delivered.