Why Promotional Pens are still a popular promotional product

Why the Promotional Pen is still a popular promotional product

The promotional pen is enduring. It’s still one of the most popular promotional merchandise products to buy and there are plenty of reasons why. A promotional pen, printed with your logo and reflecting your brand identity can be a small but extremely useful little tool in advertising your company in a subtle but effective way.

You don’t necessarily have to stick to a standard ink faithful – pens on the market now include USBs incorporated in the tips, novelty pens that act as screen cleaners and stylus options to make using your phone a bit easier.

  • They are excellent value for money With prices starting from as little as 25p each, the pen is the most affordable promo item on the market. There is a huge variety of pens to choose from, and with different branding options to customise them with your logo or message.
  • They are useful in everyday life There is still a need for a pen even in a digital age! You can find a pen anywhere, in workplaces, schools and universities and at home. They are functional and useful which makes them more likely to be kept for a long time.
  • Increased brand recognition Promotional pens are kept for a minimum of 9 months, and are usually passed on afterwards. People remember the brand for up to 2 years making your advertising extremely effective.

So which promotional pen should you buy?

There are an abundance of promotional pens to choose from too! From cheap budget pens, to mid-range and then premium printed pens in the luxury range such as Parker and Cross, well-known pen brands which are great for corporate gifts.

Which one you go for will depend on your target audience and what budget you have available. There are also different options when it comes to customising your pen, from simple logo printing, to full colour wraps and laser engraving. Needless to say, a better quality pen is more likely to make an impression than the cheapest one you can find that falls apart after one week!

Here are some different options


The demand for ‘going green’ is increasing and will only get bigger. We can offer various eco-friendly pens made from recycled plastic, recycled paper, sustainable bamboo or bioplastic which is derived from sugar cane.

Skeye Bio Ballpen

Skye Bio Ballpen


For something a bit more eye-catching, a full colour 360 wrap print can make your pen stand out, or choose something like the Axis Spinner – a fidget spinner with a ballpen and touchscreen stylus at one end and an LED light at the other.

Axis Spinner Ballpen

Axis Spinner Ballpen

Astaire Ballpen

Astaire Ballpen


For a bit more luxury, well known pen brands such as Cross, Parker, Pierre Cardin offer high quality craftsmanship from fountain pens, chrome and brass plated and hand machined finishes.

Biarritz Ballpen

Biarritz Ballpen


There are many multi-functional pens on the market. You can choose from a standard highlighter pen, a stylus pen to use with digital devices, a pen with a torch or this ‘tech’ pen with removable USB flash drive at the top of the pen.

Atomic USB Argent Ballpen

Atomic USB Argent Ballpen


View our selection of pens and writing products or contact us for more promotional pen ideas, samples and free digital visuals.